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Right before leaving Berlin, my husband and I got into perfumes. We sampled European perfumes, it was a delight to smell all sorts of scents. One of my favorites was described as evening dew on an stone wall on a ruin in Italy.

Despite the intensity of the scents, after a few minutes, you don’t notice the perfume you’re wearing. You haven’t stopped smelling, you’re just not aware of what you smell like. Quality perfumes smell for days even with showering.

I got into perfumes because I wanted to smell different things but recently, I’ve discovered a different way. My husband and I were gifted an aromatic tea. It’s not something I would ever procure myself since my mom provides us with a constant supply of Chinese tea.

Jasmine, Oolong, Pu erh…I’ve gotten so used to them. While these scents are a delight each time, they are expected, too common in our home.

Florals, however, are new. Secret des Anges from Maison Bourgeon was not only tasty (a blend of green and black tea, hints of papaya and pineapple) but incredibly aromatic.

I was inspired to pull out a rose tea from my back shelf. While the dried rosebuds steeped in hot water was aromatic, it lacked flavor. I was still surprised how much aroma comes out of a tiny cup!

English Breakfast is the most common tea I grab for in the morning for warmth and caffeine, it’s nice to experience different options with scents.

Aromatherapy usually involves essential oils, candles and incense, for some reason it’s never promoted as much in the form of tea.



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