Applause Sig

— a love for taking direction

I’ve noticed that I’m checking twitter trending hashtags a lot more.

I want to know what is going on this second. ‘What is the significance of this moment?! Someone tell me why this seemingly boring moment could be interesting…’

Before, I went to news sites. But they don’t update often enough. It feels like nothing is going on. I feel like life is so insignificant, not much is happening…(but isn’t that more true?)

I have a need for someone else to tell me how to experience now.

‘Oh this is where I am in the universe’. It gives me stability to know what part of the story I’m in (I’ve watched too many movies, started to believe life is a story and not just a set of random events). I’m in this country that has trade issues with others, I’m in this country where people are angry, angrier than they’ve ever been (so I’m told–whatever is happening, it’s never been as serious as now).

But do I need to be told how to experience this world? Do I need to be instructed on how to react, get excited for the moment?

I’m part of a studio audience, clapping when the applause sign goes off.

I didn’t realize how much I love taking direction.

If I were to get outside my comfort zone, it’d be not to take direction, ignore the applause sign, the laughter and just laugh and applause (or not) when I think it’s appropriate.



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