— as bad as racism?


I don’t know how my sister handles me.

When I’m around her, I feel comfortable enough to express every dissatisfaction. She has to hear how tired, how hungry, how unamused I am. Yet none of my comments discourage her. How?

As the older sibling, I’ve found myself giving her advice. Should I have been one to give advice? No, but it’s never stopped me.

‘Don’t do this, be more like that, you should get into this…’ I’ve been critical of everything she’s done.

I tell myself ‘I just want her to be better’ and I get away pretending my ‘tough love’ is encouraging when it’s anything but.

Who am I to say she isn’t ‘better’? The only thing I’m doing is encouraging my own bad behavior.

Is it easy to believe you’re better simply based on age?



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