A Universe of Characters

— the calm before the storm

I remember the first days of school. The first week, there’s people unfamiliar. They’re just these people with faces. You can barely remember and you don’t have an opinion who they are or how they compare. Second week comes and everything about them emerges.

It’s always a strange feeling, that first week. Everyone’s nice and respectful, everyone’s got a blank slate. People are interchangeable, there’s not much that defines anyone in particular.

Suddenly everyone becomes defined. Drama about their lives, why they are the way they are, how to potentially be careful around them or whether they’re nice–strong opinions that mark who they are come out. Unintentionally I’ll jump to conclusions on the character of a person based on behavior I’ve seen in people I’ve met before. A universe of lives appear.

It’s much like the beginning of the movie where, at first, you can’t keep track of characters. “Is that the same guy in the last scene or is this a different guy?” Ten minutes later, you know who you’re looking at, you know what he’s up to.

It’s amazing how an entire universe of lives emerge–I love the moment right before–where you can feel the potential of that whole world ready to burst upon you but it hasn’t happened yet.

“I may not know you now but in a few short moments, I’ll know everything (or believe so) and I’ll never change my mind…”



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