A Successful Career

— A sign of the times

Imagine getting paid to wander Paris.

"The movie shoots in Paris. There’s no script."

"We want to build the character with you. It’s a process. Three-month rehearsal, four-month shoot."

It's no longer good enough to land the job of your dreams. La La Land shows that becoming an actress with a leading role isn't enough--an ideal job is one where 'work' is about being yourself.

This change in 'success' is probably the result of reality television. I like how social values morph over time, but I can see drawbacks from having such high expectations for work.

After I graduated, I had expectations for work. I expected my employer to be emotionally stable, I expected coworkers to be supportive and I assumed projects were created to progress the company. I didn't know any better.

If I didn't have such high expectations, I would've had a better time. Instead, I was critical and conflicted.

People may never come close to expecting their job to revolve around them, but there seems to be a change in what career success means. I kind of like the emphasis on success being defined by how much someone is themselves, even if it's very ego centric.

How much money are you awarded from your 'shining' personality? It seems to suggest a lot more than a pile of expensive things.

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