A Pity Protest

— Nothing left to hold on to

I’m helping my parents move and it’s made me realize how much a place changes.

‘I should feel sentimental, even sad, right?’ I don’t feel anything.

The neighborhood has changed completely. When we moved here, it was quiet. Tons of retirees and nothing to do except hang at the mall. There wasn’t much of a downtown.

Now there are more than a dozen skyscrapers and even more on the way. The city is building a rail system. I would have never thought that was possible when my parents settled here. Not in a million years.

It feels like our home was located in a river–it can’t be stepped in twice.

In addition to city changes, people moving into the neighborhood are converting old homes into mega mansions. There’s nothing left to miss.

In some sense, we’re being gentrified out. Not that it’s too expensive, since my parents purchased their home back when it was affordable, but it’s unaffordable in terms of other costs: time spent in traffic, energy and patience needed to deal with crowds in shops, restaurants. Why isn’t gentrification ever discussed in terms other than the price of rent?

No one would protest if gentrification forced people out of homes for better homes. Why aren’t there protests for the gentrifiers? A place can be both more expensive and crappier at the same time.



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