Russian Literature

— the happiest stories

Originally, I thought it would be possible to help people through literature, prescribe a story to remedy troubles people go through in life. But there’s no way a person can get the same message.

A piece of art or literature is great because it has the ability for the audience to feel something. That something may be unique to each viewer. Great works often brings out a understanding of truth that has yet to be identified. It’s an amorphous feeling that can’t be lumped into happiness, sadness or confusion.

Someone wrote about how Master and Margarita cheered them up. Their take on the story was so different from what I experienced. They enjoyed the magical aspects of the story because it took them away into a entertaining world.

I saw the magic as an accurate description of real life. Things randomly appear in life, people, opportunities, and if you take time to question how or why, it doesn’t make sense.

How did I end up in Berlin? Of course, I flew a plane there but why did I go there in the first place? My roommate recommended it but I don’t always take her recommendations. Why this one?

The characters were incredibly entertaining. But I also felt their ability to disappear and reappear was real (how do life changing people find their way into my life? It can only be magic.)

The person who wrote about the story didn’t talk much about the chapters interjected in between the more entertaining magical story. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know there are some less interesting chapters–and by giving disproportionately less attention to these chapters, I see the person who wrote about her impressions also didn’t enjoy these parts. We agree on one thing.

The sub heading to the article was ‘how to be happy with Russian literature’. My most happiest experiences in reading have always happened when reading Dostoyevsky. The characters, the chaos–is pure joy. In fact, I always go to Russian literature to cheer me up.



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