Washed Out

— worn and weathered

Mood of the day: A bathroom designed by Joseph Dirand, photo by Martin Morrell, Éditions MR letterhead, Art direction by Atelier Franck Durand, photo by Romain Laprade, stonewashed linen pjs by the Foxes Den, 'Fort Romeau' font by Michael Cina, and 'El Viejo', 1962/63 by Sheila Hicks.

Feeling worn out today, like these colors and textures. I was surprised how interested I am in light blue and orange today.

It all started when I was pouring over images of a 1920s Milanese apartment designed by Pietro Russo. Although I've obsessed over many different details in this apartment in the past, including the bas-relief staircase in a terracotta orange, I found the color scheme of pastel blue and orange striking. Similar to the combination in the stationary above, this color combination somehow stands out today.

The 'orange' I'm talking about is more like a warm and bright wood, but at a glance, it resembles orange on pastel blue as shown in the kitchen above. The bas relief stairs. Photos by Filippo Bamberghi via Casa Vogue.

What strikes me each day varies. I've examined the same photos before but I've never noticed the blue and orange. I feel there's a link between my aesthetic preferences and how I feel internally. Like palm reading, maybe there's a way to read a person by what they're attracted to.



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