Unbounded Possibilities

— Finally coming up with ideas of my own.

A drawing of a photo I liked from a real estate site.

I haven't given up on my dream of having a nice home. Recently, I've been reading a book on bathrooms by Waterworks founder Barbara Sallick and I studied the English homes in The Arts and Crafts Country House by Clive Aslet. I've researched many styles of design and interiors to understand what I want in a home. Drawing has been the best method in uncovering my preferences.

I don't have a background in anything creative so drawing is all new to me. It allows me to pay attention to forms in a way I'm not familiar with.

Usually I sketch rooms and buildings from photos and sometimes real life scenarios, but today, I sketched from my imagination. It's as if all the ideas I'd collected over the past months boiled down into an entire room.

My imagined bathroom.

I can pinpoint where certain design concepts originated, although I wasn't conscious about it when I envisioned the room. Now I see the influence from a riad I saw a couple months ago. The mirror frame was inspired by details I found on a Gustavian cabinet in a Swedish antiques book. The shelf idea came from a room designed by Sophie Buhai.

The sketches in my notebook are terrible, but the exercise of sketching has allowed me to retain design concepts. Somehow they all get jumbled and placed in a room overtime.

Of course my imagined bathroom is highly unrealistic because the toilet sits so far from the sink. Of all the apartments I've stayed in, none have the sink more than a couple feet from the toilet. I think that's due to plumbing since toilets are not like furniture, you can't just move it where you want it.

But why not?

I'm tired of the sink-toilet configuration. Right now, my current apartment has the toilet sitting between the sink and bathtub. There's no room for a side table, no place to put drinks, or a phone or a magazine. Maybe it's too gross for people to discuss, but the toilet deserves more customization. I hope to put more consideration into the design of that experience.

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