Spring Pattern

— A play of shapes

Combining a few ideas, I prefer the one that's offset on the right. It's unintentionally Christmasy.

I started documenting design details, from old books to architecture. The pattern I developed was from a few of my favorite shapes. I didn't spend much time on color, but I'll have to in order to get a combination I really like.

Decorative tiles seem to work the best when there are many of them, scaled so that the details appear less distinct.

These desaturated colors are more my style, reminds me of a kaleidoscope

As someone who doesn't have a creative background, it's fascinating to experience the process of making a pattern like this. I don't consider myself anywhere close to real artists/designers, but just to feel what it's like, to absorb influences from different places, digest over a period of time before being able to throw something out--it's magic.



Infinite Walks

Inaccurate simplifications


Architectural Details

Shapely glass doors

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