People I've Loved

— Send something real. A print workshop connects people by approaching topics in life in an honest way.

An inspiring mermaid print with watercolor embellishment

I wish I had been given this card a decade ago. There were so many things I was was always trying to make sense of at the time, as if there were concrete reasons why people did things.

I recall dating guys who would always be "too busy" and only willing to meet on their schedule. The only comfort I had in such relationships was found through rationalizing why they were not making themselves available.

"Oh, he’s working on their dissertation so he can only see me when he takes a break from it." Or "oh, he’s scarred from his past relationship and can’t easily open up to anyone." If I had stopped backing them up for just a moment, I would have seen the situation clearly. They were not that interested in me. "What?! How can that be? There must be a reason?!" While most friends responded "You’re too good for him" what I needed to hear was something I couldn’t fathom: that "shit doesn’t have to make sense".

People I’ve Loved is a printmaking workshop that creates cards and artwork for people to "send something real". I really could have used encouragement through a dose of reality. These cards aren’t fluffed up with optimism and take an approach to helping people connect in a more honest way.

The simple and vibrant artwork reflects the messaging behind the workshop.

"We are 'in search of the miraculous' yet tragic definition of what it means to exist, in this time and space. And feel that we should make time to share it."

All images via and @peopleiveloved.



Ayzit Bostan 16

Refined tomboy: fashion that reveals confidence through less perfect details. Satin and velvet bomber jackets and sweatswuits.


Han Starnes

One of my favorite natural clothing labels. Originally from New Zealand, now designing from Nashville.

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