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Visited the original barn where the Boeing Company first started. It's part of a museum now but the interiors were inviting.

"Whenever I find an empty room, I convert it into a workshop so I can move around. One day I draw in one room, the next day in another..." - Joan Gardy-Artigas

I'd previously been thinking of new home formats where rooms are designed to provide a mood rather than a function. Instead of having a kitchen, living room, game room, I'd have a relaxing room with cool green colors, a Zen room with Japanese and natural elements, and something energetic, like an '80's glamour ' room with flashy details.

Interior made entirely of wood.

When I came across ceramic artist Joan Gardy-Artigas, he had a different format: each room in his home is a workshop. Imagine having space to work on projects, be able to leave them there, come back the next day and continue working.

I don't watch tv programming so I can't imagine having a home set up in the traditional sense, with a large tv and couch. When I project videos from my computer to our television screen, I'm usually at a large table making something and only glancing if the program really catches my attention. That does not happen often. So why bother setting up my home in the way other people would? I don't know what it'd look like, a large table in the place of a couch for the living room, but I guess there's a lot more to figure out when making a home a home.



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