Casa El Enroque

City dwellings have a hard time capturing old heritage charm, particularly in the use of modern minimal architecture. Sleek clean lines are the antithesis of curvy florals and moldings you’d find in old buildings. I discovered an interesting building that demonstrates a forward sense of thinking in incorporating aspects of the old and new world.

Adjacent to outdoor stairs in an old town, Casa El Enroque is an old building that was practically in ruins before it became refurbished into a modern home. The small building measures only 4 x 6.7 meters on each floor.

Blue tiles and the modern minimal structure are combined in a way that is entirely unique. The building is located in El Barrio de San Roque on the slopes of Benacantil de Alicante of Spain.

Maximizing the space it’s given, the building takes up the entire block and the door and windows seem carved into the solid shape in a way that delivers a sculptural quality. The blue traditional tiling comes in sections, covering a wall next to the stairs while also bordering the area around the windows. Beveling into the surface, the window shapes play with shadows in adding a bit of drama into the all white surface and minimal clean lines.

The metal grating cuts through with a contrasting texture to the warm traditional tiles and creamy white surface. Functioning for privacy and seclusion within a building that is bordered on three sides by the public walkways. One side of the building is the wall of a street staircase, and the tiles seem like a reliable way to decoratively protect the building.

A dream home in a small Spanish town, the building balances traditional elements and modern minimalism in an original way that showcases the traditions of the past while making room for the future.

Casa El Enroque by Angel Luis Rocamora Ruiz, architect; María José Antón Lozano, collaborators, Cabrera.Photo, photography via



"Shopping is Fun Again"

Discovered a hidden souk, Tazi Designs, while grabbing coffee on Linden Street San Francisco When I was in high school, an Old Navy opened up in the town I lived in. Old Navy is the cheaper, less fashionable sister of Gap (but it was cool back then). They had a slogan. Old Navy promoted itself as "Shopping is fun again". It was a time before Forever 21 and H&M, so cheaper prices really meant shopping could be fun again.


Girls by Berta Pfirsch

Berta Pfirsch is a Barcelona based photographer/librarian. Her "Girls" photography collection captures the feeling of a young girl in her teens. Slightly awkward, a bit usure, quiet, the images are provacative in displaying the delicate emotions of a girl in her youth. The bright colors and patterns on the clothes show how fashion plays a huge importance at this age and how it assists in the search for finding one's own definition.

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