Architectural Details

— Shapely glass doors

Examining elements that make up this style of door. Found in Paris.

I'm surprised how many different styles of window/doors show up all over the world. Maybe I'm excited to see them because in the US, window doors that open up an entire wall aren't common.

The cafe doors I found are from Royal Bar. From online reviews, it seems like a tourist trap. I wouldn't visit, but the doors with the little semi circle detail at the top fascinated me. Is that a strip of wood running through the glass? Or is it attached onto the glass? I'm thinking it's resting on the surface as part of the wooden frame that holds it.

There's a photo taken from inside the cafe that shows how the street is framed within the border of the windows. The photo also shows how the small corner pieces above the arch are tinted yellow, made from a different material than glass. I prefer my first impression of it, all in the same glass tint of clear.

This door was a grid of glass inside a doorway that has outer doors. Found in Marrakesh.

I found Moroccan doors with multiple layers. It feels protected under the thick wall and the exterior doors. The windowed doors had a layer of curtains behind. It's like opening a Christmas present with endless layers of wrapping. You know there's someone in there, but you may never get to them.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to enjoy such details in a home. How would you combine such a diverse range of elements? I'm thinking it has to be re-interpreted entirely.



Spring Pattern

A play of shapes


New Phase


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