My First Zine

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Looking back at myself

I love putting pictures and text together.

Back in high school, I started a zine. My friends contributed articles. Tiffany, a friend who was a punk at the time, wrote a satirical article about Canada as a potential threat. I wrote an Onion-like article listing several ways to get into the Art Institute for free. Other friends contributed the advice column, horoscopes and weather forecasts.

When I started, I didn't know how I was going to print the zine. I had no money. Eventually, a friend's dad offered to print 100 copies at work if we got files to him by a date.

The night before, I finalized my PageMaker file. When I got up from the computer, it was 4am.

'What? I thought it was midnight, latest.'

I'd never felt so accomplished prior to that point in my life. I remember feeling exhilarated, to have gone through the challenge of laying all the pages out. Time had flown by.

It was the first time I realized my 'passion'. But I somehow quickly forgot.



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