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tiramisu making

After twelve hours of sleep, I felt extremely happy to be alive. I was in the mood to construct the dessert I’d been planning for several days.

Tiramisu turned out to be fun to make, despite my hesitation. The mascarpone cheese was stiff and solid. While blending mascarpone with a handheld mixer, the spindles would get caught, sputter, then abruptly continue. The handling of the mixer reminded me of driving an ATV through tough terrain, getting stuck in mud, then moving on abruptly. This time it all happened in a bowl.

As much as I was afraid the dessert would go to waste–it didn’t. I felt good just making it but luckily, people were interested enough.

The recipe for Tiramisu came from Nadine Levy Redzepi’s Downtime: Deliciousness at Home cookbook. I need to work on my own ratio of cream to ladyfingers and blend of coffee and liqueur in order to be completely satisfied–but that just takes more experience. I enjoyed how this version included a crispy graham cracker crust.



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