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cooking ratatouille

Last night I made another recipe from Nadine Levy Redzepi‚Äôs Downtime: Deliciousness at Home cookbook. This time roasted ratatouille. I’ve been trying so many of her recipes because they’re easy. Earlier this week I made a butternut squash soup from the same book. The ratatouille was fun to arrange–the pace of this recipe, not having to do much at the same time, made it extremely relaxing. If only cookbook recipes were arranged by how easy going they are… While baking I had time to cut fresh pasta.

My husband thought it was a little too ‘healthy’. There’s not much fat, just olive oil and a little butter. The veggies steam in the oven so the entire dish was extremely light. I, on the other hand, appreciated how ‘healthy’ it was.

cooking ratatouille



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