Lithuanian Hot Pockets

— Snackable comfort food

Fun to make

It's rare to come across a flavor that's entirely new. Perhaps that has something to do with being vegetarian. How different can veggies and herbs taste?

Over Easter, I was surprised by the flavors I had in a Lithuanian pastry. My cousin-in-law made a large plateful. They were so delicious, I had to make them myself.

They were gone in one day

Finding the recipe wasn't difficult. But I couldn't find the recipe in English. Google corrected my keywords. The terms I was entered into google were 'pakory litewskie soczewiaki' but the results suggested 'kakory litewskie soczewiaki'. I went with the first result, a food blog where I spotted the pastries from the photos.

Making the pastries myself

The next time I make these, I'm going to try my own filling, perhaps spinach and feta, or a breakfast version, scrambled eggs and cheddar.

It was fun molding these crescent shapes after filling them. The potato dough mashes together so smoothly.



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