Green Onion Pancakes

— Homemade Street Food

So green

I made Taiwanese street food last week. What I love about street food is it's small, packed with flavor, and cheap in places where it's common.

In our neighborhood, there's a street food event every Thursday in an old market hall. Since street food is a novelty in Berlin (outside of Doner and Currywurst), it's expensive. Going to street food Thursday, you can get a sampling of cuisine from all over the world. But it's like going for tapas, you pay a lot more for smaller portions.

Crispy, fried in cast iron

How I made it: click to watch the entire process

I used sourdough left over from my bread making and my stomach didn't get bloated from the dough.

I'd like to learn more about savory nibble-able cuisine from all over the world. On Easter, I had a Lithuanian filled pastry. It was unexpectedly delicious. Perhaps I'll try that next.

Adding the egg was a dangerous part of the process. Oil splashed everywhere.



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