Brioche Baking

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brioche filling habanero & marionberry jam

In the past few months, I’ve spent more time baking with instant yeast. When I first started baking with sourdough, I decided I wasn’t going to make anything with instant yeast. But for months, I’ve wanted to make viennoiserie and I hadn’t come across methods that didn’t use instant yeast. So many recipes call for a mixture of both sourdough and instant yeast, a mixture called poolish which isn’t really levain or sourdough starter.

I’m so confused because there’s too much contradicting advice online. You’d think bread making is established knowledge.

I still believe every pastry/bread could be made from all natural sourdough starter. But I don’t know where I can find that info.

The brioche I’ve been making takes ten hours at minimum. I usually prepare the dough and leave the final rise for overnight.

how I make my brioche

I don’t think I’d ever try this ‘instant yeast’ recipe if I hadn’t learned how to bake sourdough. Baking sourdough requires 3-4 days of advance preparation, feeding and re-feeding the yeast. An entire day is used to turn the dough so 10 hours to bake brioche is easy.

I’m not really a patient person so spending 10 hours on one recipe is an extraordinary feat.



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