Apple Galette

— Pure elegance

Alice Waters’s apple galette is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.

apple galette before baking

The first time I made apple galette was a couple weeks ago. At the time, I wanted to make a covered apple pie so I prepared a Martha Stewart recipe for pie dough. After slicing apples, I realized I only had enough for a tart. I switched recipes and followed Alice Waters’s recipe for galette.

I didn’t use any glaze or sugar this time around. I wanted to see how tasty the tart could be without any processed sugar. Sugar makes me extra unstable.

The apples weren’t dry but if I had prepared a sauce with only cooked with apple peels and cores, it would have been just the perfect amount of moist. The apples are like sponges that soak up additional water. When I first took the tart out, there was a pool of liquid in the center. After 15 mintues the liquid disappears.

The crust came out flaky–I’m going with the original pie crust recipe from now on.

I’m amazed how simple this recipe is. It’s so simple, yet the satisfaction is so much greater than all the desserts I’ve had in my life. How is this possible?!? The natural taste of local fruit, now in season, is perfect.

Just apples on buttery dough

There are so many different versions of this recipe. I thought the Smitten Kitchen version was confusing since it called the sauce a glaze. It’s better to go off the original, from the Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook.



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