Mujo by Elizabeth Leslie

— Handwoven natural clothing.

all natural clothing

I’m interested in anything that makes my life more natural. Not that it’s proven to be technically better in every case, but I’ve bought into the idea that natural is better.

It’s preferable to eat more natural food, and use natural home products, and lately, I’ve been doing research on natural skincare. Anything natural seems healthier and of better quality. But I can see how natural products may not be as effective as artificial active ingredients, especially in beauty products.

The one thing that I know for sure works is natural clothing. I always feel better wearing clothing made from wool, linen and cotton. Since there’s so much synthetic clothing, I get excited when I come across an all natural clothing label.

an all natural, handwoven wall hanging

Mujo is not only made from natural materials but the textiles are woven by hand. My favorite selections are made from raw silk. The label is designed by Elizabeth Leslie, based in Perth, Western Australia.

"I use natural materials and hand dye my fibers with plant dyes." Natural dyes are another thing that’s hard to come by in clothing. There are times when I’ve come across all natural clothing, only to find that the dye or fabric treatment irritates my skin.

Mujo pieces are flattering layered on top of one another.

The lookbook accentuates the textural dimension of fashion. When looking close up to the textile, you can examine the varying thickness of the woven fibers.

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