Miss Match

— The more the merrier. Mixing patterns, colors and textures into a hodge podge cluster.

Clockwise from top left: Sea floral patterned jumpsuit, 'Bother Me' cat-eye sunglasses by The Row, tote bag by Truss photographed by Sally Griffiths, baby blue fur coat by Alena Akhmadullina, orange eel leather mules by Amélie Pichard

I like the clashy fashion that’s currently in style. First, it’s visually stimulating to see a variety of patterns, colors and textures mixed in different ways. Second, I feel empowered to try a bit of experimentation myself, like matching shiny red orange mules with baby blue fur. Third, since there are no rules, choosing what’s comfortable now becomes completely acceptable. And lastly, since matching isn’t the goal, there’s freedom to choose whatever I like, with no rhyme or reason.

Even the designs created now are at liberty to explore. A tote bag in yellow, black and white was never designed to match anything anyway.



Dreamy Isolation

Being careful for what I wish for.


Calvin Klein Resort '17

Matching white on white with slit sleeves.

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