Sculptural Jewelry Inspired by Plants

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What happens when a plant lover creates jewelry?

Inderjeet Sandhu’s latest jewelry collection is inspired by his deep passion for plants. It was only a few years ago when Inderjeet barely had any plants of his own. During the move to his current London flat, he considered covering the walls entirely with the banana leaf wallpaper from the Beverly Hills Hotel. At the time, the few plants he owned were inherited from friends moving out of the city.

Since then, Inderjeet’s plant collection grew. His flat has since transformed into a lush menagerie of greenery. From hanging plants to broad leaf trees, a step into his living room and you’ll find yourself lost within the dense foliage.

It’s no surprise that Inderjeet created a jewelry collection that highlights the shape of a leaf. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art’s Jewellery and Metal Programme, Inderjeet has been commissioned to work on a broad range of projects, including the design of a luxury oyster bar. Returning to jewelry, Inderjeet took inspiration from the shapes he enjoys the most.

The latest collection, titled Martinique, features leaf shaped statement jewelry. Natural aspects of a leaf are translated into unique, wearable forms. Gold plated bronze pieces are positioned to highlight the natural patterns found on plants. The Palm Leaf Necklace details the straight and narrow leaves that intricately make up an entire palm. On smaller pieces, such as the Monstera Deliciosa Necklace, organic details are sketched onto leaf shapes, interrupting the smooth metal surface with a soft natural aesthetic. A natural joie de vivre exists in the playful cords of the Monstera Delicious necklaces, particularly on the Monstera Deliciosa Choker. No matter how the cords are placed or tied, they seem to take a shape of their own.

Plants bring a natural harmony into a living space and Inderjeet’s creations are no different. Paired with a formal gown or a simple white blouse, the leaf structure remains a symbol of nature’s timeless beauty.

The use of unorthodox materials, such as refrigeration foam, provides a unique take on jewelry. Inderjeet had the foam cut to a suitable dimension to deliver the exact buoyancy and tension he envisioned. Experimentation and risk taking successfully resulted in unique and delightful forms.

The most amazing part of the Martinique collection is that the jewelry responds and changes based on its environment--just as a plant leaf does. The metals used in the collection oxidize and form blemishes over time. Reflective of a natural leaf that changes through exposure to the elements, the jewelry also has a life of its own, long after each piece has been forged.

Images of the Martinique Collection taken by Inderjeet Sandhu in London, UK. Visit on updates from the designer.



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