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I wandered into Un Autre VooDoo yesterday. It's a small boutique on a street with heavy traffic.

The storefronts on Hasenheide are set back. It's not a place to window shop or do any sort of leisure shopping but I heard about Un Autre VooDoo on an email newsletter introducing it as a destination for local design.

One of my favorite designer, Antoniya Ivanova had a rack inside. Years ago, I asked Antoniya about her raincoats at her stand in Mauer Park. At the time she had discontinued making them but a new version was available at the boutique. It was a beautiful translucent blue in breathable waterproof fabric.

You never know with 'local designers'. While a few standout, most are not more attractive than what's cheaply available.

But I found myself browsing through more racks until I came across a designer where I wanted every piece. That hardly happens, even at Liberty's/Bergdorf's/Selfridges. There were several padded jackets, oversized and soft that felt so luxurious because of the weight and natural texture.

√Źmaima is a label that makes womenswear from all natural fabrics, handwoven and embroidered in Jaipur India. I couldn't get enough so I took a copy of the lookbook to go through later.

At home, I flipped through the lookbook and was disappointed. Nothing in the images represented anything I found inspiring about the clothing. If I had seen the lookbook first, I wouldn't have been interested at all.

But the pieces are some of the most beautiful clothing I've come across. Especially the embroidered and oversized Zayn Jacket.

Images have a hard time describing the texture, the weight, and the materials. That's always been the case, but I hadn't seen such a stark contrast between reality and imagery. It's usually the other way around, where things look better than they actually are.



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