Han Starnes

— One of my favorite natural clothing labels. Originally from New Zealand, now designing from Nashville.

the slit-back dress and the sky jumper

I wonder what’s happening in Nashville. It’s the last place I expect to find clothing that I’d like to wear. A couple years ago, I came across Elizabeth Suzann who made minimal wardrobe pieces that were simple and easy, everything clothing stores lacked. Earlier this year, I discovered Han Starnes and I cannot get enough of the pieces that she comes up with. As a more down to earth place than New York or London, Nashville has an environment that provides design development to come about in a more down to earth way.

All garments are made from natural materials. Plenty of handspun cotton and there seems to be more of an emphasis on comfort than molding the body into a particular shape.

I like the product names: Moon tunic, Clay pants, Rain top. The label began in New Zealand and reestablished itself in Nashville. All garments are made from silk, wool and or cotton.

One year, at the end of March, I drove from Chicago to Memphis with a friend who was an Elvis fan. Chicago was starting to recover from the winter and everywhere we drove the fields were gray. Dried up plants had been sitting under ice and snow all winter. Entering Tennessee, there was a dramatic change. Everything was green! There’s a relatively longer season to enjoy the outdoors so maybe there’s something to natural clothing coming from that state.

The shop images are shot in natural light and the overall aesthetic reflects the personality of someone who enjoys nature and basking in the sun.

All images via hanstarnes.com.

wide leg pant and moon tunic



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