giambattista valli couture 2016

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Giambattista Valli Couture 2016 via

I love the ornamentation in couture collections. Giambattista Valli's couture was released last month. Who gets to wear these clothes? And where are they wearing them? Are people having extravagant balls without anyone knowing?

Versatile and opulent: both work as a jacket and a dress

This couture collection has pieces made for a fancy Halloween party. The first dress has a bit of straight jacket inspiration, there's a coat that seems to be pulled from Louis XVI’s court, a black cape comes with cockatoos all over, there’s a dress with ice cream scoops for sleeves, and a fairy princess dress floats in lavender with gem accents.

There's nothing like a cockatoo cape.



Happiness in Privilege

The naturally occurring love for exclusive situations.


Luxe Agrotourism

Sustainable in an extravagant way.

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