Forme 3’3204322896 aka Forme d'expression

A very peculiar brand of clothing emerged from my Pinterest feed today. Have you heard of couture trained designer Koeun Park? Incredible construction, all done by craftsmen in Umbria, Italy.

The line is named Forme 3’3204322896. What does it mean?

"The name Forme 3’3204322896, pronounced 'Forme d’expression', is created by decoding numeric orders that make up the 'Helvetica-Fraction' font." - via

Even more peculiar is the URL:

Only a few bits of info on this beautiful line, the most recent interview was in 2006:

"Her unique approach to fashion may have grown out of her childhood aspirations of becoming a scientist or architect. “I love building up anything from flatness… Whatever has a mass can be distorted and elaborated into an unexpected volume. It’s scary to watch a plain rectangular piece of cloth drape itself into a wild tornado.”

The line's mysterious identity are probably part of the intrigue.

Every item is known to include a poem.

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