Naturally Claudia Bertini

— Seasonless fashion made from linen, cotton, and wool

Victoria shirt in cotton via @bertiniclaudia

Last year, I discovered Claudia Bertini when she released a collection of dresses and coats. For those who enjoy natural materials, you’ll admire Claudia’s designs for the cotton, linen and wool. There aren’t that many designers who make original clothing from natural materials.

pleats galore

The latest collection includes a dress that can be worn as a coat—much like a kimono or robe. Like the previous collection, the clothing is made to be relevant past the current fashion cycle. The dress is made from 5 meters of cloth, demonstrating a style of luxury that promotes comfort.

Cloth edges on a few items are left raw and undone, reflecting today’s appeal for distressed style. In addition, pleats are arranged irregularly.

Flattering and comfortable

soft fabrics: the Thelma Blouse via @bertiniclaudia and the blouse on a trip to Villa Borghese

Perhaps Claudia’s style could be a new standard for workwear. Now that there are more freelancers, more are working from home, why not make clothing appropriate for a different setting? The comfort of Claudia’s pieces make them comfortably career appropriate for modern times.

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