Anaïse Spring

— Regal influences found in a selection of my favorite labels. Puffy sleeves, slashed sleeves and jacquard.

Anaïse is a boutique that carries my favorite labels: Rowena Sartin, Rachel Comey, Horses Atelier and A Détacher. Owner Renee Friedrich has amazing taste and her online shop always looks like a magazine.

The shop’s latest pieces feel regal. There is a Rowena Sartin lab coat dress that reminds me of slash sleeves found in royal portraiture. Also, I discovered a label by the name of Eatable of many Orders that made a comfortable looking jumpsuit. The Congau Jumpsuit has a silk and linen upper layer. Inside, it’s lined with cotton. The garment is made at the atelier in Atami, Japan. The double layering is not common in clothing made today. That’s the main reason I enjoy vintage clothing more. Back in the day, when clothing was less throwaway, there was attention to such details. On a new piece of clothing, like this jumpsuit, the double layering is luxurious.

A Détacher’s pouffy sleeves on the darling dress reminded me of Snow White. The floral of the white jacquard enhanced the regal element while the heavy thick soles of lace up clogs made the dress look more modern.

All the images are shot on the sidewalk in San Francisco. Because the clothing looks so clean and crisp, it really stands out against the imperfect and irregular surroundings that is reality. Perhaps that’s where I got the "regal" idea from. The clothes are above the level of what people commonly appear. But that’s the point of shopping— you want to look better than average, stand out, and perhaps get a bit of royal treatment.

A Détacher's darling dress

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Grand Lady Josephine via
the back of the "labcoat dress" by Rowena Sartin



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