Summery Lady

— Colorful shapes

summery lady

I wanted to see how Pierre Boncompain’s images are created so I recreated one of his paintings.

Sketching first in pencil, when I went back to color in, I realized the arm of the chair wasn’t right, or details like how her skirt wasn’t sketched at the right angles. Whenever I draw I become more conscious how unobservant I tend to be.

I thought Pierre was just painting ladies as he saw them, but it’s clear that the proportions are distorted to allow the colorful shapes flow and dance across the canvas. The spirit of these women and the summery settings emerge from the colors–not from the face or the bodies of the women themselves.

Why are color pencils come in colors that are saturated and dark? There are so many lighter, less saturated shades but for some reason, the standard box does not include those.



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