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"This photo was taken on a route change. I was coming back from the market and I had to go home directly. It had been so cold for a few days. When I saw the sun I thought I driven back through the lake! I couldn't see much."

When surrounded by nature, it's not hard to take a photo that looks like a masterpiece. But capturing the mystique of nature, how patterns emerge, evolve, fade--takes more compositional consideration. Recently, I came across Sandrine's nature photos. Many of the images are minimal in style, trees and landscapes appear isolated against opaque white backdrops. Despite how surreal some of them seem, the photos are all captured in the wild.

"This was on the shore of Lake Geneva when the temperatures were below zero! It was magical!"

"I lived in Paris until I was 30."

Sandrine has lived in the city for most of her life, but now she lives in the country.

"I am glad to have left Paris but sometimes I miss Parisian life especially since I live in Annecy. We are far from everything (4 hours on the train from Paris), cultural opportunities are rare! Fortunately Switzerland is not far...."

"We were on our way to Belgium, on the highway. Everything is covered in frost, there was fog. When we came out of the tunnel the fog has risen and I could see the contrast with the landscape..."

I, myself, have been dreaming about moving to the country. Rural life seems so romantic--more nature, fresh air, more space...but it's idyllic because it contrasts my city lifestyle.

"It is difficult sometimes to say that I do not like this place. We feel at times that it's stagnant. Fortunately people from elsewhere are starting to come and settle around. The surrounding nature is just amazing!"

"I live in a mid-sized city.....there is a lake and in 5 minutes from my home it is countryside."

"Most of the photos, are taken around my home. I often travel to Switzerland so there are photos of Lake Geneva."

Although Sandrine warns about the lack of cultural opportunities in the country, she enjoys the beauty her surroundings offer. I'm thinking that when I decide to settle in the country, I'll have to make sure I can have access to fast internet. That way I can get the best of both worlds. Or rather, the best of what the world has to offer. Access to both isolation and connectivity.

"I'm not a artist but the artistic culture is important for me. I lived in Paris where there was artistic energy is everywhere! This is why end up visiting Switzerland. There are a lot of exhibitions...not so in French regions."

I've never visited the Swiss Alps or the bordering French countryside but from Sandrine's descriptions, it seems like a great place for hiking in Europe.

"I love the sea in winter and seeing a storm at Belle île en mer, it's incredible! In autumn, I like to walk in the mountains just before the snow arrives. Sixt fer à cheval (Haute-savoie) is a nice stroll because there are waterfalls, a river, the mountain and silence!"

See more of Sandrine's photos at @_trema_.



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