Roy Lichtenstein

— Vibrant colors that can only be experienced up close.

close up on one of Roy Lichtenstein's comics

There’s art that’s impressive in photos, then there’s art that’s impressive in person. I’d never been a fan of Roy Lichtenstein until I went to see his paintings.

the yarnball is made of thick wavy lines that are more bold in person than in photo

examining a painting up close, you'll see a wall of colored dots

These photos were from an exhibition from 2010. My photos fail to capture the scale, the contrast and the color brightness. I remember feeling energized being able to examine a wall of colored dots up close.

strangely Lichtenstein in another medium

There were many works in the gallery that didn’t resemble Lichtenstein’s iconic style. My favorites were the colored and textured glass (or plastic?) collages. A rectangle salmon colored glass had a section that reminded me of bubble wrap.

Of all the paintings, I liked one that had two nearly identical images side by side. The foot of a lady on a trashcan, one with the lid closed and one with it slightly open. I have a fascination with this trashcan.

I’ve never owned one that didn’t break. It’s so convenient, being able to use your foot to open, but eventually, the lid breaks from lifting too many times and I’m stuck with a broken trashcan. Just a week ago, I finally threw out the one that I broke two years ago. I’d been lifting the lid by hand ever since it broke a month after I brought it home. It was a premium brand sold at a premium price. This painting was made decades ago. How has there been no improvement? Why does this trashcan continue not working today?

when standing near, it feels like being near a wall of red

created by hundreds of blue dots overlapping in a ways that produce 'waves'



High Ceilings

The only way to get more vertical space.


design notes: Nicole Hollis

Headboards and a sofa.

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