Marta Bonilla

— Hand built ceramics from Barcelona

"Hours fly by as I focus on what I'm doing, shaping the mud with my hands, getting dirty working with my hands... feeling the craft is like going back to origins." I love the shape of Marta's mug and pitcher. What really caught my eye was the above bowl because of the shape.

While on my hike yesterday, my husband spotted a stream. The water ran off the path and led to a ground entirely made of clay. I've always had a fascination with pottery because it's made directly from the earth. The idea that something so functional can be literally picked off the ground fascinates me.

Of course, there's a lot of work that goes into transforming mud into a beautiful form I'd want at home. The shape of mug can feel entirely different from just a minor degree difference in how the sides contour up.

What draws me to the pottery of Marta Bonilla is the essence of prehistory. Her hand built bowls and cups are curved in ways I'd expect to find in a archeological excavation, yet, they look sturdy and stylishly relevent for continued use. Her pitcher is an original shape that seems to be inspired by old world style, elongated and elegant. It looks as if it could sit on a table for years, serving wine day after day.

"I feel inspired at home, working with the morning light and listening my music."

Marta started creating ceramics only six months ago, after taking a class with Lola Giardino, an Argentine woman who runs ceramics workshops in her home. She found herself connecting with the material and further delved into the medium by joining the elTorn Barcelona International Hub of Ceramics.

"I find beauty and harmony in the classic lines, simple, delicate and clean, without too many ornaments"

More people are getting in touch with their creative side. The emphasis on being a licensed 'artist' before showing creative work has become unnecessary. With more people developing creative works, a larger variation of aesthetics is available. I can finally find art and design from people who share my perspective on what looks and feels good.

"Whenever I go to the market or visit shops with ceramics, or see old furniture with a decorative element, I stop. I can spend hours! I've always bought ceramics for personal use, and I like to examine and observe the details. There are pieces that transmit, you can feel the personality of the piece, and that fascinates me."

Marta doesn't offer her beautiful pottery for sale yet, but her Instagram showcases the original shapes she's developed along with her works in progress.

"I have sold to friends, but it'll be a dream to reach more people, cafes or restaurants. Or even in a future have my shop and atelier, but the moment is far… I'll slowly working on it!"

View more of Marta's work @martabonillamoya.



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