Kashmir Brass

— Hybrid ornamentation: a mix of Persia, India and China.

A strange book with a strange elephant being served by two ladies.

I’m anticipating a world where I can make anything, from furniture to clothes, in the exact specifications I desire. There’s the availability of 3D printing and there are plenty of people on Etsy offering custom services. Things are moving in a direction where you can get anything made as you please.

I’ve started collecting ideas of what I’d like to make. Of course the costs depend on quality and materials, but hopefully, with the help of technology, one day my ideas will become cost effective. For now, I can only afford to gather ideas.

I'd like a couple of these genie lamps, maybe for olive oil or vinegar?

Yesterday, I came across a book about brass from Kashmir. Published in 1883, the book describes the unique mix of Persian, Indian and Chinese influences along with the region’s original decor. Since the book is in French, I tried my best to understand. However, I got tired in the beginning when the author often went into length about his emotions, describing how his feelings of Kashmir evolved.

Some of these patterns look like great ideas for tiles, wallpaper and upholstery.

Images via Les Cuivres Anciens du Cachmire by Ch. -E. de Ujfalvy.



Schloss Charlottenburg

The local palace.


waking up to this

Getting fresh air.

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