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"years ago, when I had just quit my day job being a host in a restaurant, was completely disappointed by my studies in architectural design, and stuck in the house after a surgery...I decided to take matters in my own hands... After a few months, I had taken some Illustrator and InDesign classes and started a blog" - Corina Nika

I've followed many creatives online over the course of several years. Corina Nika was one of the first, a graphic designer who's work had blossomed during the first two years I've followed her. It's like being part of a journey. Through their style, presentation and initial works, there are clues as to what a creative might achieve. It's amazing when things move forward.

Most recently, I've been admiring the textile art of Hanna Chung.

Rughooking in progress, textile art by Hanna

"I work full-time as an interior designer at an interior architecture company based out of NYC."

Hanna's @afternoonswim caught my eye in the past months. Hanna posts warm and natural interiors that reflect the style of home I admire. Her consistency in delivering a relaxed mood shows a deep understanding of design. I was excited to find out that she was making works of her own.

"I can attribute my creative desires to my Mom. She is a talented textile artist and I am forever inspired by her. While growing up, I always loved the way she beautifully decorated our home"

I've seen plenty of weavings, but I haven't seen much of other textile art. Hanna designs her own work and the abstract shapes of her textiles are arranged in ways that feel relaxed, free of restriction. If you look close at the fibers, there are textural dynamics within the colored sections.

"I came up with the idea of crafting something to fill a creative void I had..." A textile in progress and a tapestry wallhanging.

On mentioning the interior design firm where she works: "Our company mainly works on commercial projects, for large corporate companies, and our clients have a standard look they follow... it is hard to be creative..."

I don't know if it's true, but it feels like more people are making their own art these days. Perhaps it's the result of working in a post-industrialized society? People have a need to make things with their hands but they also have a need to exercise creativity.

"textile was not the first thing that came to mind. I took knitting classes first, then weaving, then machine sewing, and then rug hooking, somehow they all happened to be textile related."

I'm excited to see more from Hanna. There's enough interest in her textile art that she's opening a shop.

"At first I had not intended to sell anything I made, I made them for myself and to decorate my home. Then my friends starting seeing some of the things I had made and they fell in love with them." Sketching out textile art ideas.

"There aren't too many things I can say about the shop as it is not opened yet and is still in the planning stages. I am currently focusing on only textile, but one day I hope to broaden my shop and add other creative inspirational pieces."

Visit @afternoonswim for Hanna's selected interiors and textile art.



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