at the ocean

“What is the nature of reality?”

Metaphysics is my favorite thing to think about.

In my twenties, the world began to make less and less sense. After graduate school I stopped and asked “what the hell is going on?!”

I spent the rest of the year traveling.

My first stop was London. In my walk-in closet sized bedroom, I found The Tao Te Ching. I’d never come across anything so marvelous–something made sense. Of course, not all the poetic verses were decipherable upon first read, but there was something stable to calm the turmoil I was going through.

In Amsterdam, I found the teachings of Ramana Maharashi in my airbnb. These two books began a transformation that is still happening today.

Eastern philosophy, Stoicism, metaphysical/epistemological/mereological/moral nihilism, have allowed me to find meaning in this world. It’s funny to end up with more meaning and purpose after considering that the world may be non-existent, meaningless and without free will.

As I get older, I find myself leaning further into the ideas that first inspired me six years ago. I didn’t elect to subscribe to these ideas–they were the only descriptions of the world that allowed me not to go mad.

On this blog I question existence, morality and social behavior through observations of daily life.

Amor fati! Hope you enjoy!