Surrounded by Monday Blues

— Conflict-free products

Thinking while drinking tea

I wonder if there will be a day where I can buy products that were made by people who actually enjoyed making them. I met someone who needed to make a custom pair of pants. She found a lady on Etsy who knew how to sew. This lady charged below rate because she felt she was getting a deal--an opportunity to make something.

Everyone's on their internet phones these days so I can see how tactile work is now valued as a leisure activity. There are people who are willing to make things for fun.

Right now all the products I buy are full of 'Monday blues'. I can't imagine anything mass produced to be fun for someone to make.

It feels bad to be wearing 'Monday blues', to be hanging around curtains and sheets full of 'Monday blues'. If there's people who want milk from happy cows, there's people who desire products made by happy people.